How to start a cyber security business in Dubai?

If you plan to start a cyber security business in the UAE, you will first need to get a trading license. The following five steps describe how you can get this license.

1. Select Your Business Activity

The first step to getting a cyber security business license in Dubai is to select your business activity. The government has created a number of licenses for cyber security businesses, including: 

  • Cyber Security Consultancy
  • Encryption Software Trading
  • Cyber Risk Management Services
  • Auditing, Reviewing & Testing Cyber Risks
  • And many others

We can advise you on the most appropriate license for your company at Meydan Free Zone.

2. Choose A Trade Name For Your Dubai Cyber Security Business

Your trading name needs to succinctly describe what your company does, and it must not use terms that could be considered offensive or potentially blasphemous. Further, the brand must not contain any acronyms with your own name. For example, Sven Gerhart Cyber Security would be fine, but SG Cyber Security would contravene the rules.

3. Choose The Location Of Your Cyber Security Company

Selecting a business location is a vital step in starting your cyber security business in Dubai. Many IT-managed services and cyber security firms choose to base themselves at Meydan Free Zone because it offers a 0% tax rate and 100% foreign ownership. Our location in central Dubai means you are close many businesses who are operating in the central business district and need your services. 

We can advise you on setting up your free zone company at Meydan Free Zone, and provide the support you need to make your cyber security consultancy a success.

4. Complete Your Application And Pay Fees

In order to receive your Dubai UAE cyber security business license, you will need to complete your application form and provide a range of documents and paperwork. Paying the associated fees as part of your business license application is also essential.

5. Receive Your License And Open A Business Bank Account

Receiving your license to run a cybersecurity company in Dubai takes just a few days – so long as all your paperwork is in order and your application form and fees are all correct. At Meydan Free Zone, we can support you by ensuring that all your paperwork complies with the requirements and avoids unnecessary administrative errors. 

Once your license has been approved, the final step is to open a business bank account so that you can make and receive payments – Meydan Pay is our simple digital banking solution for businesses working in our free zone. It gives you an IBAN and digital wallet with all the necessary features to start making and receiving payments.

Cost Of Starting A Cyber Security Company In Dubai

The cost of starting a cybersecurity business in Dubai varies depending on the number of visas you are applying for, along with your application. If no visas are required, it can cost as little as AED 12,500, going up to AED 23,600 for six visa allocations. This figure includes your business license and associated fees.

For a quote tailored to your business and the number of visas you need to apply for, contact Meydan Free Zone today, and we can give you a precise figure for how much your wholesale trading license will cost.

Besides the license costs of starting a cyber security company in Dubai, you will also need to consider other start-up costs, including hardware, marketing materials and specific cyber security technology such as pen testing software.

Documents To Start A Cyber Security Company In Dubai

If you would like to start a cyber security consultancy in Dubai, you will need to provide the following documents as part of the application process. At Meydan Free Zone, we can support you with all steps in compiling these documents and verifying them for any errors:

  • A completed application form which describes what cyber security services you will offer
  • Copies of your passport and passport size photos
  • A copy of your residence visa (if applicable)
  • Emirates ID copy (if applicable)


At Meydan Free Zone, we can advise you on the best option for your company to #GrowFromDubai.

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