How to lodge complain about Goods and Service Tax?

Ganesh Ganesh
Answered on January 17,2019

Follow the below steps to lodge a complaint

  • Visit
  • Click on "Report Issue/Complaint"
  • In the "Type of Issue/Concern" box, enter your issue.
  • The system will show a drop down menu with list of all the similar kind of issues. Select the issue similar to yours.System will then show the FAQ’s and relevant sections of User Manual related to that issue / complain. Please go through the FAQ shown which may solve the problem faced by you.
    If you are unable to solve your problem, then you can select the most relevant Category and Sub-Category from the dropdown boxes next to the box, "Type of Issue".
  • In case the FAQ’s do not help resolve the issue, then please select the button "No, I want to lodge my complaint" which will show the page to fill in the details to lodge the complaint.
  • On lodging of complaint, System will give you a reference number (ticket). Use it to check status of your complaint in future here.

For checking the status of your ticket, follow the below steps.
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