How to get the Products registered with Dubai Municipality?

If you wish to import, export, or manufacture products in Dubai, you must register the products with the Dubai Municipality. This applies to practically all kinds of goods intended to be used by consumers (such as food, cosmetics, textiles, etc.). However, the rules are slightly different for products sold to businesses or the government.

The government of Dubai has set very high standards for products sold in the country to protect consumers from harm. The onus is on manufacturers and importers to demonstrate that their products are safe for human consumption. Product registration brings many benefits to both manufacturers, wholesale customers, and end consumers:

Benefits of Product Registration

  • Trust: By registering your products with the Dubai Municipality, you show your customers that your products meet the highest health and safety standards.

  • Compliance: Registering products with the authorities allows you to verify that you are compliant with all rules and regulations about substances and materials used in products.

  • Avoid Moral Offence: Certain culturally or religiously offensive products cannot be imported or manufactured in Dubai.

  • Avoid Legal Problems: Since selling products that have not been registered with Dubai Municipality is illegal, you will avoid being prosecuted if you register your products first.

  • Brand Reputation: If your company adheres to health and safety regulations, then you will be positively perceived by your customers and consumers.

Validity Of Product Registration In Dubai

If you wish to register any new product in Dubai, you must complete the following steps to receive a valid product registration:

  • Select Your Business Activity
    The first step to getting a car rental business license in Dubai is to select your business activity. There are a few potential license types you could apply for, depending on the type of vehicle rental you hope to do. The most common is ‘Passenger Transport and Car Rent’, although you may need a different license if you operate in a slightly different sector. We can advise you on the most appropriate license for your activities at Meydan Free Zone

  • Register With Dubai Municipality
    The next step is to register your company with the Dubai Municipality. Then, you need to sign up on the online portal where you can provide information about your business, including a copy of your trade license, email address, contact details, registered office, and other information.

  • Submit Product Information Documents To The Dubai Municipality
    To get your products approved for sale, import, or export, you must provide product information to the authorities. This includes providing a complete list of ingredients in each of your products. You will also need to submit a product sample to the authorities. The application process also requires you to pay certain fees. Then, if there are any potential issues with your product, you may need to modify it, provide more evidence, change information on your labels, or provide additional certificates.

  • Receive Registration Certificate For Dubai Products
    On completion of the product registration process, your product will be registered, and you will be provided with an electronic registration certificate. You can then display this certificate on your products and branding to demonstrate that it is compliant with Dubai’s product health and safety standards.

Process To Register Food Products In Dubai

Dubai is a global hub for importing, exporting, and re-exporting foodstuff from around the world. To register your food products within the Dubai Municipality, you must provide:

  • A list of ingredients.

  • Information about your country of origin.

  • Date of production and consumption.

  • Other mandatory details.

Furthermore, certain types of food require more detail, including organic food (which must demonstrably meet some organic food standards) and halal products.

You must register food products in Dubai with the Dubai Municipality. You can do this by completing the steps described above.

Process To Register Health Supplement Products In Dubai

Dubai has strict rules around labelling and information about health products to protect consumers. Therefore, if you wish to import, manufacture or export health supplement products in Dubai, you must register with the Dubai Municipality.

You can do this by following the steps described above. You will need to provide information about the ingredients in any supplements, their purpose, and any scientific evidence required to back up any medical claims.

Why Work With Meydan Free Zone?

Meydan Free Zone, located in central Dubai, is one of the leading free zones in the emirate. Many businesses operating out of the Free Zone manufacture, import, export, and sell products on the Dubai market. We have helped many of these firms apply for permission to sell their products from the Dubai Municipality – and our highly experienced consultants can help you every step of the way thanks to our experience.

We know how to register all kinds of products with the Dubai Municipality and can provide tailored guidance to your business so you can receive approval for your products in the shortest time possible. We can help you identify any problems in your registration application, which means your product will likely be approved faster.

Moreover, thanks to our expertise in helping businesses take their goods to market and our extensive network, we can also give you all the support you need in selling, marketing, and distributing your products.

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