How to apply for Rythu Bharosa scheme ?

Varun Varun
Answered on October 20,2019

Government officials of your State will include you in the scheme based on whether your name appears in the land ownership records or not.

Responsibility of identifying the landholder farmer family eligible for benefit under the scheme shall be of the State/UT Government. The existing land-ownership record in the concerned States/UTs will be used for the identification of beneficiaries. Those whose names appear in land records as on 01.02.2019 shall be eligible for the benefit. If a Landholder Farmer Family (LFF) has land parcels spread across different village/revenue records, then the land will be pooled for determining the benefit.

The details of farmers are being maintained by the States/UTs either in electronic form or in manual register. Further, State/UT Governments would also expedite the progress of digitization of the land records and linking the same with Aadhaar as well as bank details of the beneficiaries.

Rhytu Bharosa scheme would be implemented from October 15 2019. We will update the details here as soon as the application process is announced.

Venkat Venkat
Answered on October 20,2019

There is no application process for it. You will be included or excluded based on whether your name appears in the record or not.

Methodology for Identifying Land Owner Farmer Families:

  • Department of Real Time Governance takes the landholder families as per Webland data of Revenue department, as it is the authorized data for land ownership system in Government of Andhra Pradesh. Purification and Rectification of errors in webland data will be taken up by the Revenue Department in coordination of Agriculture Department.

  • Joint Verification and confirmation will be done by the Multipurpose Extension Officers (Village Agriculture Assistants)/Agricultural Extension Officers and Village Revenue Officers at Village level, which in turn will be monitored by Mandal Agricultural Officer and Tahsildars at Mandal Level, by Sub Divisional Assistant Director of Agriculture and Revenue Divisional Officers at Divisional Level and final confirmation will be done by the District Collector assisted by JDA, prior to uploading of data to RTGS.

  • 5 % random verification at Mandal level and 2% verification at Divisional level to be taken up on the verification process. One Deputy Collector rank Officer has to designated for Supervision of entire process for each Assembly Constituency.

  • Department of RTGS shall play the role of System Integrator (SI) in integrating different data sources viz., webland, Households (families) data from Praja Sadhikara Survey, CFMS for data relating to Government employees, Pensioners , Income tax, etc as per exclusion parameters. 

Methodology for Identifying Land less Tenant Farmers:

  • Creating mass awareness on “Crop Cultivator Rights Act 2019”.

  • Organization of Grama Sabhas at village level for identification of the Landless Cultivators / tenants with the involvement of field functionaries of Revenue, Agriculture, Village Volunteers and Village Elders of the particular village. In this connection , necessary ground truthing shall be done by conducting field verification and reasonable enquiry to establish cultivation claim of the landless cultivators/ tenants.

  • Sensitizing the land owners about a) Security of the land ownership right. b) No possibility of suit/prosecution/other legal proceedings on the agreement.

  • Repealing of Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Area) Tenancy Act, 1956. d) Bank obligation for recovery of loan is on crop only but not on the land.

  • Execution of Crop Cultivator Rights Cards (CCRCs) at Village Secretariats.
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YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme

The government of Andhra Pradesh has announced YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme to support the poor and marginal farmers in the state. Rhytu Bharosa Scheme provides financial assistance of INR ..
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