How much will a trip to Dubai cost from India?

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Answered on January 21,2024

Great! That you are planning a trip to Dubai! Let me break it down for your convenience! First, visa cost. 

Depends how long you going for, you need to pay for Visa from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 20000 lumpsump. 

  • 2 days trip - Rs. 950 
  • 4 days trip - Rs. 3750 
  • 30 days stay - Rs. 6700 
  • 30 days multiple entry - Rs. 11750
  • 60 days stay - Rs. 15500
  • 60 days multiple entry - Rs. 20000

Flights won't cost you too much - only if you book at the right time you can get tickets for 15-20k return. Not that bad right?

Now hotels!! that's where your choice makes big difference. If you want simple, clean place to crash at night? Hostel, dorm beds for as low as Rs.500 per night if you don't mind sharing. Or decent budget hotels for 3-4k per night.

But if you wanna live like a king then five star hotels can cost as much as one lakh rupee per NIGHT! Room with beach view and private pool don't come cheap bhai.

What you do daily also adds up...just hanging out on public beaches and seeing some free sights? Then Rs.1000-1500 per day easy budget. But going to all the theme parks, water parks, Burj Khalifa and what not can mean spending 5-10k rupee daily also.

And if you really wanna enjoy Dubai's famous nightlife with regular clubbing, dinners at posh restaurants etc then your days could easily cross 10-15k expense.

So if you just stay for few nights and focus more on sightseeing and food instead of shopping too much, you can enjoy Dubai for 50K onwards. But it's definitely possible to spend way more if you wanna do it Five-star style! Decide your trip duration, get the visa accordingly.

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