Can I hold property under my Meydan Free Zone company?

Yes, you can hold a property under your company.


Meydan Free Zone provides several benefits for business owners, such as no personal or corporate tax, complete foreign ownership, and full repatriation benefits on profits and financial assets. Further, having offices in the urban-style Meydan Hotel gives you a high-end status and can help get top-of-the-line clients.

Additional services, such as our e-commerce support service, Meydan Commerce, and our Easy Payment Plans, enable you to stretch out the setup cost over a period of months and are also available to help your business develop and thrive.

At Meydan Free Zone, we believe in promoting an environment where businesses flourish and leaders emerge from the ranks of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our consultants will support you with all aspects of your business setup in Dubai, so you can focus on finding clients and growing your business.

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