How to get Quarrying Permit in Kerala?

By Tesz Support Staff | Published on April 20, 2020

A quarry is a site where the material for construction purposes, such as construction sand, gravel, and quarry rock, is extracted from the earth

Documents Required [Edit] [Edit]

The following are the Initial documents required for Quarrying Permit in Kerala.

  • ID Proof

  • Land Tax Receipt

  • Challan receipt countersigned by a geologist

  • Certificate from revenue department (officer not less that village officer designation) showing the demarcated boundaries of the area proposed for quarrying

  • Copy of survey map attested by Village officer/authorized officer of revenue department/assistant survey director of survey and land records

  • Possession certificate

  • NOC from the Revenue Department, Local body Secretary, Forest Officer if the land belongs to the revenue department, local body or forest department as the case may be

  • Notarized consent letter from the owner of the land from which minor mineral is to be extracted (in case of a lease)

  • Bank guarantee at a rate of INR 300 per square meter if pit filling using ordinary sand/clay is involved

In case of extraction of Granite.

  • Environmental Clearance

  • Consent to operate from PCB

  • D&O license from LSGD

Upon submission of the mining plan.

  • Plan of the precise area showing the nature and extent of the mineral deposit, spots where the excavation is to be done, natural watercourse, limits of reserved and other forest areas and density of trees

  • The geological and lithological details of the precise area including mineral reserves

  • The extent of manual quarrying or quarrying by the use of machinery and mechanical devices on the precise area

  • Any other matter which the Government or the competent authority may require to provide in the mining plan

Apply Online for Quarrying Permit [Edit] [Edit]

Follow the below steps to apply online for Quarrying Permit in Kerala.

  • Register in KSWIFT website. Kerala Single Window Interface for Fast and Transparent (KSWIFT) is the platform for all transactions with the Government of Kerala on the issue of granting licenses and approvals in a time-bound manner. KSWIFT is expected to reduce the physical touchpoints in the entire clearance process, thereby making the entire process more efficient and effective

Kswift Kerala single window clearance register online apply Quarrying permit

Kswift Kerala single window clearance register online apply Quarrying permit

  • Click on New Project to enter details about your enterprise

  • Fill the questionnaire on a proposed enterprise

  • List of approvals required will be displayed

  • Fill the Common Application Form

  • Upload Supporting Documents

  • You have to make the required fee for the processing of your application

  • The processing of the application will be done by relevant departments/agencies.

  • Approvals will be issued by departments/agencies after due verification.

Time Required [Edit] [Edit]

The following are the time required for Quarrying permit in Kerala.

  • 90 days for Granite building stone, Laterite building stone, Ordinary earth, Ordinary clay.

  • 180 days for all other applications.


What are some common queries related to KSIDC?
You can find a list of common KSIDC queries and their answer in the link below.
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Where can I get my queries related to KSIDC answered for free?
Tesz is a free-to-use platform for citizens to ask government-related queries. Questions are sent to a community of experts, departments and citizens to answer. You can ask the queries here.
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How do I get the information about the various clearances issued to me through K-SWIFT?
Once the Clearance / Permit is ready with respect to a Departments, system will communicate to you through e-Mail / SMS. You can also check after signing in the portal, the requisite clearance documents will be uploaded on your portal.
Is there any registration fee for K-SWIFT?
For KSWIFT, Govt. of Kerala as of now is Charging Rs.500/­ as fee for one time Registration. Separate application fees are charged by the respective Departments as per the prevailing rules/acts for Application Processing.
How can I change my personal information in K-SWIFT?
Personal information can be edited, after you Login. Menu option is provided to change the Profile & Password. These changes will get reflected in the system once you login the next time.
How do I submit the enclosures with the K-SWIFT application?
Enclosures can be uploaded with the application in electronic format. The maximum size of the file will be prompted by System.
How much amount do I need to pay when invoking these K-SWIFT services?
The requisite amount will be displayed on the screen while you apply Online. The fee amount can be remitted only using the On-line payment (ePayment) option. The fees of all the Departments can be remitted in on shot using the On-line ePayment.