How to register Property Registration in Kerala?

Registration of the property is a full and final agreement signed between two parties. Once a property is registered, it means that the property buyer in whose favor the property is registered is the lawful owner of the premises and is fully responsible for it in all respects.

Documents Required

The following are the documents required for property registration in Kerala.

  • Sale deed on Stamp Paper

  • Copy of sale deed ( to be attested by sub-registrar for mutation process)

  • Sale deed in filling sheet ( to be kept as record with registration department)

  • Registration fees payment receipt

Apply online for Property Registration

Follow the below steps to apply online for Property Registration in Kerala.

  • Preparation of sale deed

    • Preparation of sale deed, finalization of stamp duty and paying of registration fee through Document Writers by paying his charges.

    • Downloading model deed from the Kerala registration website, preparation of document by self on stamp paper and payment of registration fees.

  • Create the username and password for the user in the Online Document Details Entry Process from Kerala registration website.

  • After registration login to the portal.

  • Submit an application for document registration

    • Selection of available time slot (Token)

    • Enter Presentation details, Document details, Claimant details, etc.

    • Submit the application and get the acknowledgment slip.

    • Submit the application to SRO online and proceed to the sub registrar’s office on allotted time and date.

  • Submission of registration documents for registration on token time along with registration fee receipt.

  • Completion of registration process and collection of original copy after two days.

  • Submission of attested copy of the document along with form II to Village office for mutation. ( For districts where online mutation process is in implementation stage)

  • Collecting receipt from Village Office after completion of the mutation process

Time Required

The following are the time required for property registration in Kerala.

  • 3 days for the registration of property.

  • 7 days for the completion of the mutation process.