How to gun license (firearm license) in Maharashtra?

Arms Act of 1959 allows citizens of India to get Non-Prohibited Bore (NPB) guns. NPB licenses can be issued to anyone of Indian Nationality who can claim a licensee status under the following:

  • Self Defence - Individuals who could be prone to being attacked for reasons including being wealthy, being under threat, etc.

  • General Security - which includes the provision of security for Banks, Institutions, etc. This can also cover the gunmen and protection squad of VVIPs and politicians.

  • Crop Protection - Those who have agricultural or similar lands which need protection from Non-Scheduled pests and vermin, like boars, etc.

  • Sports Shooting - Those under sports shooting discipline who need guns for sports purposes.

  • Returning NRI - Any Indian who is returning to India and has owned a gun in his foreign residence for over 2 years, can apply for an Indian license and bring back the gun they owned abroad.

  • Foreign National Status - Any foreign National is allowed to own and bear arms for a maximum period of 6 months during their stay in Maharashtra, given valid reasons.

Eligibility Criteria

The following are the eligibility criteria for getting gun license in Maharashtra.

  • The applicant should not have any past records of any kind of criminal activity. Police will gather a lot of information about the applicant such as asking the people in the surroundings or neighborhood if they see any kind of malicious treatment or if they have seen the person getting involved in fights due to anger or burst out.

  • An interview will be conducted with the applicant to check if the person is mentally or physically ill or not.

Documents Required

The following are the documents required for getting gun license in Maharashtra.

  • Farmer

    • Attested copy of Land Revenue record/Registry

    • Attested copy of Khationi / Khasra

  • Business

    • Area of operation of the business. He has to give details of the Branches and their address.

    • Attested photocopy of proof of financial transition in the form of Bank Draft or Cheque / Receipt etc. 

  • Private Company Employees. 

    • The address of the branches with documentary proof. 

    • A certificate of the MD/Owner /GM of the company certifying the above information. 

  • Government Servant

    • Nature of the Service i.e. whether All India etc. 

    • Photocopy of the identity card and the certificate of the employee. 

    • Certificate of the Head of Office/C.O.(in case of the Armed Forces)

Apply for Gun License

Follow the below steps to get gun license/ firearm license  in Maharashtra

  • Submit an application to the district superintendent of the police of your state. The application form is provided here.

  • Police will do necessary due diligence to check the background of the applicant.

  • Once it is cleared, police will send the reports to both the crime branch and the national crime record bureau.

  • The report will be sent to the respective commissioner of Police. If the report is satisfactory and the applicant is considered then the license will be granted.

  • After getting the gun license, the applicant has to contact the dealer for the procurement of the gun. For this, the customer will have to book a pre-order to get the gun from any licensed shop of their choice.

  • The applicant should also fill in application form for NDAL (National Database on Arms License) as well. Submit it to the Arms Act Department for uploading in the National Database and generate Unique ID. You can also fill it online.

Documents required for getting the gun

The following documents are required for getting the gun from the licensed shop.

  • Issued license with valid date and place and should be either in English or in Hindi.

  • A photocopy of the Gun license.

  • One copy of the NOC for the factory owner and one copy of the NOC for Police authorities. NOC is the No Objection Certificate(in case if the gun license is valid across India then, there is no need to provide with NOC certificate).

  • There is also a need for a transport license of the place where the factory is located.

  • One cannot issue letters just on the basis of the authorities but, the delivery can be permitted to the retainer only on the behalf of the customer. Now, this also requires some additional information including the name of the retainer along with the passport size picture and an authority letter signed by the retainer himself.


Gun license is valid for 3 years from the date on which it is granted (unless revoked earlier) and needs to be renewed before one month of the expiry. The license may be granted for a shorter period as well, if the person by whom the license is required desires or if the licensing authority decides. License is renewable from time to time - Even the authority can ask for renewal in between the renewal period for recording purpose.

Apply for Renewal

Follow the below steps to apply for the renewal of the gun license in Maharashtra.

  • Application for renewal of Arms License in the specified format should be submitted one month before the date of expiry of arms license

  • Apply for renewal using this form.

  • The licensee should produce his/her weapon and license for inspection at the time of renewal and pay the renewal fees.

  • If the Licensee is a senior citizen, the competent authority may verify physical fitness and mental alertness.

  • Renewal will be done immediately and the necessary thing about renewal will be made in the license.