How to get Coastal Regulatory Zone Clearance Certificate in Kerala?

By Tesz Support Staff | Updated on April 20, 2020

If you are planning to start a business that falls under the Coastal Regulatory Zone, then you need to get the Coastal Regulatory Zone (CRZ) Clearance Certificate. Coastal Regulatory Zone (CRZ) Clearance Certificate is issued by Coastal Zone Management Authority in Kerala.

Documents Required [Edit] [Edit]

Follow documents are required for applying Coastal Regulatory Zone (CRZ) Clearance Certificate in Kerala

  • Form-1 (Annexure-IV of the notification) 

  • Rapid EIA Report including marine and terrestrial component except for construction projects listed under 4(c) and (d)

  • Comprehensive EIA with cumulative studies for projects in the stretches classified as low and medium eroding by MoEF based on scientific studies and in consultation with the State Governments and Union territory Administration

  • Disaster Management Report, Risk Assessment Report and Management Plan

  • CRZ map indicating HTL and LTL demarcated by one of the authorized agency (as indicated in para 2) in 1:4000 scale

  • Project layout superimposed on the above CRZ map

  • The CRZ map normally covering 7km radius around the project site

  • The CRZ map indicating the CRZ-I, II, III and IV areas including other notified ecologically sensitive areas

  • No Objection Certificate from the concerned State Pollution Control Boards or Union territory Pollution Control Committees for the projects involving the discharge of effluents, solid wastes, sewage and the like

  • Approval from the tourism department if applicable

  • Approval from Ground Water Authority is applicable

Apply Online for CRZ Clearance Certificate [Edit] [Edit]

Follow the below steps to apply online for Coastal Regulatory Zone (CRZ) Clearance Certificate in Kerala.

  • Visit environment clearance website.

  • Submission of online application along with supporting documents and required fees.

  • Scrutiny of the application by CZMA and decision by CZMA on the proposal.

    1. Recommendations to the Ministry of Environment and Forest.

    2. Recommendations to SEIAA.

    3. Approval by CZMA and the issue of the clearance.

  • Evaluation of project by the Ministry of Environment and Forests/State Environment Impact Assessment Authority based on recommendations from CZMA.

  • Issue of clearance by the Ministry of Environment and Forests/State Environment Impact Assessment Authority through the single-window portal.

Inspection Process [Edit] [Edit]

The Coastal Zone Management Authority shall inspect/verify the following:

  • Whether permissible activity as per notification

  • Location of the project and whether it falls in the hazard zone as mapped by the Ministry of

  • Environment and Forests/National Disaster Management Authority

  • Impact on water bodies or land surface that affects drainage or run-off

  • Loss of native species or genetic diversity in the area

  • Human population influx and its impact

  • Impoundment, damming, culverting, realignment or other changes to the hydrology of

  • watercourses or aquifers

  • Closure or diversion of existing transport routes or infrastructure leading to changes in

  • traffic movements

  • Use of hazardous substances or materials

  • Probability of occurrence of water-borne diseases

  • Impact on local communities, fisherfolk, and their livelihood, dwelling units of

  • traditional local communities

  • Facilities for solid waste management and hazardous waste management

  • Air, water and noise pollution management plan

Application Status [Edit] [Edit]

The application status of Coastal Regulatory Zone (CRZ) Clearance Certificate Kerala can be tracked through the environment clearance website.

Time Required [Edit] [Edit]

The time required for Coastal Regulatory Zone (CRZ) Clearance Certificate Kerala is 120 days (60 days for providing recommendations after receipt of complete application and supporting documents + 60 days for issuing clearance by Ministry of Environment and Forests/State Environment Impact Assessment Authority).

Helpline Number [Edit] [Edit]

Helpline Number of Coastal Regulatory Zone (CRZ) Clearance in Kerala is 0471 2548290.


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