How to register for Building Development Permit in Kerala?

By Tesz Support Staff | Published on April 20, 2020

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Issue of Building and Development Permit in Kerala comes under the authorization of the Department of Local Self Government.

Documents Required for registering for Building Development Permit in Kerala [Edit] [Edit]

The following are the required documents for the Issue of the Building and Development Permit in Kerala.

  • 1:400 scale drawing Building Plan and Site Plan

  • Declaration by the applicant as performs given in KPBR/KMBR

  • Certificate of site plan and building plan by Registered Architect/Building Designer/ Engineer/ Town Planner/ Supervisor

  • Undertaking by Registered Architect/Building Designer/ Engineer/ Town Planner/ Supervisor that the building construction or land development will be carried out as per the approved plan

  • Proof of ownership of the site

  • Copy of license of the Architect/Building Designer/ Engineer/ Town Planner/ Supervisor

How to apply online for Building Development Permit in Kerala? [Edit] [Edit]

Follow the below steps to apply online for the issue of Building and Development Permit in Kerala.

  • Register on KSWIFT website. Kerala Single Window Interface for Fast and Transparent (KSWIFT) is the platform for all transactions with the Government of Kerala on the issue of granting licenses and approvals in a time-bound manner. KSWIFT is expected to reduce the physical touchpoints in the entire clearance process, thereby making the entire process more efficient and effective.

Kswift Kerala single window clearance register online apply building and development permit

Kswift Kerala single window clearance register online apply building and development permit

  • Click on New Project to enter details about your enterprise.

  • Fill out the questionnaire on a proposed enterprise.

  • A list of approvals required will be displayed

  • Fill out the Common Application Form.

  • Upload Supporting Documents.

  • You have to make the required fee for the processing of your application.

  • The processing of the application will be done by relevant departments/agencies.

  • Approvals will be issued by departments/agencies after due verification.

Inspection Procedure [Edit] [Edit]


  • A quality check shall be done on the documents submitted by the applicant in terms of completeness and correctness of the information


  • The inspection shall be made during regular working hours of the establishment/industry except when special circumstances indicate otherwise.

  • At the beginning of the inspection, the inspector shall locate the occupier/representative of the occupier/person in charge of the industry and information about the purpose of the proposed inspection.

    • The inspector shall inspect the following:

    • Boundaries of the site and correctness of details furnished in proof of ownership.

    • The setback of the building.

    • Height of the building.

    • Clearance from Electric lines.

    • Width of Access Road.

    • Open spaces around the building.

    • Distance between the centerline of the street to the building.

    • Coverage area.

    • Floor Area Ratio.

    • Height of rooms.

    • Dimensions of staircases, doorways, and windows.

    • Adequacy of urinals, water closets, etc. as per sanitation requirements.

    • Nature of the land (Wetland, inclination, etc.)

  • The inspector should collect photographic evidence if any non-compliance has been observed.

  • The inspector may seek information/clarifications or documentary evidence from the representative or occupier to ascertain the correctness of the application.

  • If any representative/occupier of the industry willfully delays or obstructs the inspector in carrying out an inspection, the same shall be recorded in the inspection report for taking further necessary action in the matter.

  • At the end of the inspection, the Inspector may inform the representative of the industry about apparent non-compliance observed during the inspection so that the industry may initiate necessary corrective action wherever required

Post Inspection

  • The inspection report should be submitted within 48 hours of completion of the inspection and a copy of the same should be issued to the establishment.

  • All observations of the inspection along with photographic evidence of non-compliance should be included as part of the report.

  • Noncompliance areas should be listed in the report along with additional measures that need to be taken by the applicant to ensure compliance.

  • Noncompliance areas should be listed along with the relevant section of the Act/Rule or G.O. which is a violation.

Application Status of Building Development Permit in Kerala [Edit] [Edit]

The application status of the Issue of Building and Development Permit in Kerala can track through K-Swift.

Time Required to get Building Development Permit in Kerala [Edit] [Edit]

The time required for the Issue of a Building and Development Permit in Kerala is within 15 days.


What are some common queries related to KSIDC?
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Where can I get my queries related to KSIDC answered for free?
Tesz is a free-to-use platform for citizens to ask government-related queries. Questions are sent to a community of experts, departments and citizens to answer. You can ask the queries here.
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Is there any registration fee for K-SWIFT?
For KSWIFT, Govt. of Kerala as of now is Charging Rs.500/­ as fee for one time Registration. Separate application fees are charged by the respective Departments as per the prevailing rules/acts for Application Processing.
How do I get the information about the various clearances issued to me through K-SWIFT?
Once the Clearance / Permit is ready with respect to a Departments, system will communicate to you through e-Mail / SMS. You can also check after signing in the portal, the requisite clearance documents will be uploaded on your portal.
Why should I use KSWIFT?
The Single Window Clearance Portal aims to facilitate businesses in the State by providing a single point (online) interface and a time-bound clearance system by acting as a one-stop information/ registration / approval/ tracking centre for clearances/approvals and providing an electronic-based transparent system for online submission and tracking of applications including ePayments. It will also provide updated information relating to relevant rules, regulations, orders and policy initiatives and schemes for guidance of investors.
How can I change my personal information in K-SWIFT?
Personal information can be edited, after you Login. Menu option is provided to change the Profile & Password. These changes will get reflected in the system once you login the next time.
What information is required, when I begin to register for K-SWIFT?
The following fields are mandatory, while you register in KSWIFT: 1. e-Mail ID 2. Mobile Number 3. PAN 4. Aadhaar Number 5. Photo Scanned