Best Government Departments providing top Customer Support in Kerala in 2020

Best Government Department Providing Good Customer Support

Technological advances have opened new frontiers of convenience, speed, and transparency for private-sector customers. At the same time, tightening government budgets are making it difficult for the public sector to deliver services of similarly high quality. With consumer expectations only increasing, it’s perhaps no surprise that interactions with government agencies frustrate and disappoint many citizens.

In the face of all these challenges and a pandemic, there are many departments in Kerala that provide top-notch customer services to their citizens. These are the departments that understood the fact that providing good customer service increase public satisfaction and reduce costs.

How do we decide the winners for 2020?

Millions of citizens visit Tesz to get their government-related queries answered every year. Based on the analytics data (views, claps, time spent in viewing the answer, etc.) and our experience of serving the citizens, the following are the major factors that citizens care about when they ask a query to the Government Department.

1. Quality of Answers:

A good quality answer contains the process to follow and documents that are required for the application along with the timelines and other important details. Once the user has read the answer there will not be scope for further questions as all the aspects are mentioned in the answer itself.

A bad quality answer is generally short and tries to redirect questions without clear steps to help citizens.

Example: Check NVSP portal, Visit RTO, Check with KSEB section office.

2. Speed to Answer:

Customer support is meant to be quick. Quicker the support, the better it is.

3. Consistency:

Citizens should be able to depend on the department for trusted support throughout the year. This factor is taken to eliminate the departments that provide better support for a limited period of time and then goes missing.

4. Modes of Answering

Future customers of government departments will be finding and engaging with these departments in vastly different ways. It is important for the government departments to adopt these platforms to answer the citizen's queries. 

Best Government Department Providing Overall Good Customer Support

Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA) is the winner for providing Overall Good Customer Support in 2020.

Best Government Department Providing Overall Good Customer Support

KILA manages the helpdesk for queries related to Panchayat, Municipality, and Corporation. The answers provided by KILA are of high quality. Not only does KILA mentions the process and documents required for various services in its answers, but it also covers the relevant acts and rules which help the users in verifying it as well. KILA's account on Tesz is a rich source of information for anyone dealing with Local Self Government Bodies in Kerala. As KILA provides high-quality answers, citizens can reduce the number of visits to Panchayat/Municipality/Corporation to get the things done.

Best Government Department providing Instant Customer Support

Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) is the winner for providing Instant Customer Support in 2020.

Best Government Department providing Instant Customer Support

KSEB with its 24*7 customer helpdesk provides instant customer support to its citizen in both offline as well as online modes. KSEB is also a perfect example of how government organizations can use various social channels in a unified strategy to engage and build a stronger community on social media. There is no other Government Department that uses all the social media channels such as FB, Twitter, Whatsapp, Tesz to consistently answer the queries. KSEB is a case study for other departments on how to effectively use various social media channels to engage the citizens as well.

Best Government Department providing Customer Support for their Business Purposes

Kerala State Financial Enterprises (KSFE) is the winner for providing the best Customer Support for Business Purposes in 2020.

Best Government Department providing Customer Support for their Business Purposes

KSFE is the biggest and most trusted chit fund in Kerala. KSFE provides detailed answers to chitty related queries in a reasonable time.