Will I get NOC certificate for my vehicle by mail after applying or will they give it the same day when I apply for it ?

Raghav Raghav
Answered on September 11,2019

You will not get it on same day.

NOC is done to check whether there are no dues of tax on the vehicle and to confirm that the vehicle was not involved in any illegal activities.
So there will be police verification. RTO will obtain a report of the vehicle from police authority to check if the vehicle is involved in any criminal case or stolen.
RTO will take around 7 to 20 days to issue NOC.

Regarding delivery of NOC, you have to collect it from RTO in most of the States in India. You can do it by yourself or get someone to do it. 

Neeraj Neeraj
Answered on September 11,2019

You won't get it in same day. With respect to the delivery of NOC, it varies from State to State. In Haryana, the NOC certificate will be sent to the Applicant through speed post system. A tracking ID will be messaged on dispatch within 7 days.