Why do most of the builders & sellers are asking a booking amount in lacs before giving all the property-related legal documents? Isn't it a problem for a customer if they find any legal issue in the property after the verification by the lawyer?

Download the legal documents online for free instead of paying in Lacs

If the project is RERA registered, download the legal documents on RERA website based on the RERA registration number or project name.

Let me give a real example for your better understanding, I want to buy a 2BHK flat in Brigade Horizon, Bangalore. I followed the below steps to download the property documents

Step 1: Open the RERA Karnataka website, here is the link https://rera.karnataka.gov.in/home , the home page looks like below image.

RERA Karnataka Legal Documents

Step 2: In menu, click on “services” and click on “Project Status” from dropdown list. Refer to below image in circle

RERA Karnataka

Step 3: Type the project name or RERA Registration Number. Refer to below image in circle

project name or RERA Registration Number

Click on “Search” button

Step 4: Click on “VIEW PROJECT DETAILS”. Refer to below image in circle

RERA Karnataka details

Step 5: On the next page, you can find the details of promotes, land documents, project documents, Bank details and other miscellaneous documents related to project. Refer to below image in circle

In the land and project details tab, download all the required documents for verification.

project details RERA Karnataka


Each state in India has its own RERA, so check the project details on the respective RERA website

The above download procedure applicable for all the RERA registered project that includes builder and land developer


If you buy the resale property from individual, you may extract the encumbrance certificate (EC) and sale deed on Kaveri Online services

(Kaveri Online Services is an initiative by Department of Stamps & Registration in Karnataka. All the property documents registered after 2004 are recorded digitally on Kaveri Online service for public record.)

Based on the property owner’s name and village name of the property location, we can extract the EC. In the EC, sale deed registration number will be there, based on the sale registration number, we can extract sale deed

Let me give a real example for your better understanding, I want to buy 2BHK flat from Mr. X, the property is located in Gobha Garrison apartment, Nagasandra village, Bangalore.

Step 1: Open the Kaveri Online Services

(Only the registered user can extract the EC, if you haven’t registered on Kaveri Online, click on the link encircled on below image for registration. Name, address, mobile number, email id and aadhar are required to register on Kaveri Online)


Step 2: Login using user name, password and OTP

Click on “Online EC”. Refer to the below image

project details RERA Karnataka Login

Step 3: Select “search by Party Name (Seller/Purchaser/Claimant)”. Refer to below image

RERA Karnataka project  search

In “Property Registration Duration”:

In “From Date” select as early as possible date, I selected 1st April 2004, refer to below image

In “To Date” select latest date, I selected 15th August 2022, refer to below image

Property Registration RERA Karnataka

In Property Details:

In District: select your District. I selected Bengaluru Urban in below image

In Village Name: as mentioned above I have to buy a property in Gobha Garrison apartment, Nagasandra village, Bangalore. This property located in Nagasandra village so I typed Nagasandra

Hobli & Sub-Register Office pop-up automatically. Refer to below image

Property Details RERA Karnataka

In Party Name (Seller/Purchaser/claimant), enter the property owner's name. I entered Mr X's name, Refer to the below image

Select “ I want to search a document”. Refer to below image

Property Details RERA Karnataka

Click on “Search” button

Step 4: Below is the image of search report in the name of Mr. X in Nagasandra village.

I had 13 property details in my search report, It means 13 people registered the property in the name of Mr X in Nagasnadra village.

Property Details RERA Karnataka

Step 5: In the above search report, out 13 properties, one is my desired property, encircled the sale deed registration number in below image

Property Details RERA Karnataka

The sale deed registration number is PYN-1–00XXX-2016–17


Based on the sale deed number found on above EC, let me explain to extract the sale deed.

Step 1: Go to the home page of Kaveri Online services, here is the link https://kaverionline.karnataka.gov.in/Home/Home#id_0

Click on “Online CC”. Refer to below image

Property Registration Details RERA Karnataka

Step 2: We will fill the application based on the sale deed registration number, hence I request you to note this registration number PYN-1–00XXX-2016–17, you have to follow same pattern to fill in your application

  • Document Type: Select “Document Registration” from dropdown list
  • District: Select your district from dropdown list, I selected “Bengaluru Urban”. Refer to below image
  • Sub Registrar Office: Every sub-registrar office in India have a short name, and that short name part of deed registration number

For Example: Our sale deed number PYN-1–00XXX-2016–17. The PYN abbreviates PEENYA sub-registrar office in Bangalore so I selected Peenya. Refer to below image

  • Document Number : Enter five-digit registration number that is 00XXX
  • Book Type: Select book-1 from dropdown list
  • Year Of Registration: Selected 2016–17 from dropdown list. Refer to the below-filled aplication
Registration details RERA Karnataka

Check For Signed CC and click on “Search”. Refer to below image

Property details RERA Karnataka

Step 3: Click on the download symbol to download the sale deed copy, refer to the below image in circle

Property Details RERA Karnataka

This completes the procedure to download sale deed.


We provide assistance to get property documents. To opt for our service, please Whatsapp to + 9 1 - 9 7 4 2 4 7 9 0 2 0.

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