Whose income should be considered to issue of caste and income certificate, if the candidate is leading a separate family with his wife?

Niyas Maskan,Village Officer, Kerala Niyas Maskan, Village Officer, Kerala
Answered on March 12,2020

For Income certificate in Kerala, the income of the family is provided. The income of the family includes the income of following members in the family.

  • Income of Applicant
  • Income of Spouse
  • Income of Parents
  • Income of Unmarried Sisters/Brothers
  • Income of Applicant's Step-Parents, if they are staying with the applicant.

The income of family doesn't involve the income of married children or siblings.

In certain cases, an individual income certificate is also provided as per the discretion of the Village Officer.

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Rahul Rahul
Answered on March 11,2020

For Non - creamy layer certificate, Income here refers only to the income of the parents and not the candidate’s income.

The creamy layer status of a candidate is determined on the basis of the status of his/her parents and not on the basis of his/her own status or income or that of his/her spouse (husband or wife). Therefore, while determining the creamy layer status of a person, the status or the income of the candidate himself or of his/her spouse (husband or wife) shall not be taken into account.

In short, the candidate’s income is not considered for determining the Non-Creamy Layer Status of OBCs.