Which UAE developers are ready to sell their residential projects’ units in Dubai Using crypto?

The use of cryptocurrency in the real estate industry has gained momentum in recent years, and Dubai is no exception. Several UAE developers have recognized the growing interest in cryptocurrencies and have started accepting digital currencies as a form of payment for their residential projects. 


Here are some of the prominent UAE developers that are ready to sell their residential units in Dubai using crypto - 


Emaar Properties

Emaar is one of the largest and most renowned developers in Dubai. They have partnered with various cryptocurrency platforms to facilitate crypto transactions for their properties. Emaar has introduced the option to purchase properties in their flagship projects, such as Burj Khalifa and Dubai Creek Harbour, using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


MAG Group

MAG Group is another prominent developer in the UAE that has embraced cryptocurrency payments. They have collaborated with cryptocurrency platforms to allow investors to purchase residential units in their projects using digital currencies. MAG Group focuses on delivering high-quality and innovative developments across Dubai.


FAM Holding

FAM Holding has emerged as a forward-thinking developer in Dubai, actively exploring the potential of cryptocurrency payments. They have partnered with cryptocurrency platforms to enable buyers to purchase their residential units using digital currencies. FAM Holding aims to offer convenient and secure payment options to attract tech-savvy investors.


Aston Developments

Aston Developments is a UK-based developer that has ventured into the Dubai real estate market. They have gained attention for their ambitious development, Aston Plaza and Residences, which accepts various cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. This project has attracted crypto enthusiasts and investors looking for opportunities to diversify their digital assets.


Knox Group

Knox Group is a multinational company with a presence in the UAE, specializing in real estate and other sectors. They have partnered with cryptocurrency platforms to facilitate the purchase of their residential units using digital currencies. Knox Group's innovative approach reflects its commitment to embracing emerging technologies and offering alternative payment options.



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