Where and how can I get affidavit notarized?

Get your affidavit notarized at notary public

In India, notary public is available at your local court and sub- register office,

Here is the procedure to get your affidavit notarized

Step 1: Prepare affidavit draft in word format.

Step 2: Print affidavit draft on e-stamp paper ( Buy an e-stamp paper at any co-operative bank near you. A Rs.100 stamp value would be standard for affidavit execution)

Step 3: Carry printed affidavit, ID proof, supporting documents, and meet notary public near you.

Step 4: Sign the affidavit in front of notary public. Notary Public seal and sign the affidavit. Notary makes an entry in notary book

A notarized Affidavit looks like below image

notarized affidavit

notarized affidavit online

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