What is the process to get tenant police verification done in Bangalore?

Bangalore police is not accepting tenant verification due to overflow of immigrant into city. Police advise us to execute rental agreement with lawyer notary and collect government approved ID proofs like aadhaar/passport/driving licence.

Do your own background check like visiting your tenant's social media page and employment check from institution & organisation.

If you are not satisfied with self verification and avoid letting your property to criminals, you can proceed with police clearance certificate. This certificate describes criminal records of your tenant if any. This is the substitute mode of verifying your tenant in Bangalore.

Its 7 step process to get police clearance certificate,

Step 1 : Download the application form Police verification form.pdf This is the latest application form use by verification department. We didn’t find this form on-line as on 14th June 2018. Hence i purchased from Bangalore one store and uploaded for your convenient. Available at Bangalore one store at the cost of Rs.10/Application

Step 2: Fill the application form, you have to select the serial number (SL.No).13. (For business purpose). Fill other required details and affix passport size photo.

Step 3: Execute rental agreement with lawyer notary. For your convenience, we uploaded standard rental draft agreement for Bangalore location. Please utilize the draft if required Mock Agreement.docx . Once agreement executed, notarize the agreement by legal lawyer.

Step 4: Set the documents of application form + rental agreement with lawyer notary + Any of the government id proofs like Aadhaar/ passport/Driving licence. Please set only photo copy and not original. However you should carry original for cross verification while submitting the application.

Step 5: Pay verification fee of Rs.200 + Rs.5 (Convenience fee) at Karnataka One Take the printout of receipt and attach with application form.

Step 6: Submit the application at counter no. 2 of Police commissioner office in Bangalore.There are multiple counter available for different verification. Hence i request you to visit counter no. 2. This counter is located just right hand side once after entering main gate. Help desk available at this counter with polite and responsive staff. Huge waiting hall with airport chairs are available to sit. Here is the location of police commissioner office Google Maps . Public parking is not available inside the premise, however space available to park just outside the back gate. No parking fee.

Application has to submit only at commissioner office, Local police station wont accept this application.

Step 7: Receive acknowledgement receipt on the submission of application. Acknowledgment looks like below,

Step 8: Police check record and certify the applicant. This certificate looks like below image. This is the most tedious and time consuming step as it will take at least a month time to receive this certificate from date of application submission. I wish, department could create a system to track status on-line. As of now, individual has to visit the commissioner office physically and inquire the status of application.

You are done once you receive verification/clerance certificate.

Please be noted: Only commissioner office of Bangalore is authorized to collect verification form and transaction. Local police station is not supposed to collect verification form and do any kind of financial transaction.

Please reach us if my description is not understandable. We are happy to guide you and we don’t charge for consulting us. Write to pgnproperties@gmail.com or whatsapp +91–9742479020.

For the people, who have geographical constrain or busy at your office work. Please reach us, we offer the service of tenant verification + drafting rental agreement + rental agreement + lawyer notary + documents delivered at home (Globally).

Write to us: pgnproperties@gmail.com or whatsapp +91–9742479020.

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