What is the process of WILL Registration in Karnataka?

will or testament is a legal document that expresses a person’s wishes as to how their property is to be distributed after their death and as to which person is to manage the property until its final distribution.

Below is the step-by-step process to register a WILL in Karnataka:

Step 1: Prepare a WILL draft in word file. A draft looks like below image

Will draft Will draft bangalore Will Draft Will


Step 2: Print the draft on normal A4 size bond paper or document paper


Step 3: Pay the registration and scanning fee.

(Stamp duty is not applicable for will registration, only registration and scanning fee are applicable)

  • Registration fee Rs. 200
  • Scanning fee Rs. 300

The registration and scanning fee are paid on K2 website and generate K2 Challan.

(In the below step, we explained the detailed procedure to pay the registration and scanning fee)

Step 4: Payment of Registration and Scanning fee:

Open the K2 website https://k2.karnataka.gov.in/K2/index_en.html

The home page looks like below image


Click on “Generate Challan” (encircled in below image)

Generate challan for will

Fill in the below FORM

Will application form

Let me explain in detail to fill the above FORM:

Date: appears default, (refer to below image)

Will application form bangalore

Remitter Details: Enter Testator name, address, e-mail, and mobile number. (Testator means the person who is making the will). Refer to the below-filled details

Will application form karnataka

Department Details:

  • Category: Select “Government” from dropdown list
  • District: Select your district from dropdown list, I selected “Bengaluru Urban” from dropdown list and refer to below image
  • DDO Office: Select your sub-registrar office from dropdown list. You have to register the WILL in same sub-registrar office where you select from dropdown list.
Will application form

Purpose Details

  • Purpose: Select “FEES” from dropdown list
  • Amount: Enter 200
  • Head of Account: Appear default, (no action require)

Refer to the below-filled form

Will registration fees

Click on “Add” button. (Refer to below image in encircle)

Will form

Registration fee index just below the Add button, (refer to below image in encircle)

Registration form will

Again, in Purpose Details:

  • Purpose: Select “FEES FOR SUPPLY OF REGISTERED DOCUMENTS” from dropdown list
  • Sub Purpose Name: Select “SCANNING FEES” from dropdown list
  • Document number: Enter 1
  • Amount: Enter 300
  • Head of Account: Appear default, (no action require)

Click on “Add” button

Registration and scanning fee indexed just below the Add button, (refer to below image in encircle)

Registration fee will

Total Amount: 500 (reflects default). Refer to below image in encircle

will registration amount

Mode of Payment: Select your payment option from dropdown list. (option to pay by cash, Cheque, Demand Draft, Debit card, Credit Card, Netbanking, UPI)

Treasury: “STATE CYBER TREASURY” Appear default, (no action require)

Types of Aggregator: Select either SBI e-Pay or ICICI e-Pay

Check the terms & conditions written in red color text (refer to below image)

Click “Submit”. Refer to below image

will aggregrators

Summary Report: Check if any corrections required.

Type the Captcha shown and click “Confirm”. Refer to below image.

will k2 karnataka

Challan number Generated/ Click on “OK”. (Refer to below image)

will registration

Complete the payment and page will direct to print K2 Challan. Below is the image of K2 challan.

will registration karnataka


Step 5: Testator carries the following documents to registrar's office

  • Printed WILL
  • K2 Challan ( Registration & Scanning fee)
  • Aadhar
  • Active mobile phone for OTP Authentication in registrar office


Step 6: In Registrar office:

The officer verifies the above-listed documents and approves for registration (especially officer verified the payment success of K2 challan)

The Officer asks the testator to sit at registration counter for webcam photo, biometric thumb impression and OTP authentication.

Testator signs the will on all pages

Two signs on last page of will


Step 7: The officer scans the WILL for digital record and handover the hard copy of will to Testator.


The registered will looks like below image

Registered Will Registered Will Bangalore Registered Will Karnataka Registered Will Registered Will Registration of will

This completes the process to register a WILL in Karnataka.


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