What is the process and documentation required for making a GAP certificate?

The process and documentation are very simple to make a GAP certificate.

GAP certificate is nothing but a GAP year affidavit.

You need the following things to make an affidavit

  • Draft (Content of an affidavit)
  • Non-juducial stamp paper
  • Supporting documents for GAP year
  • Printer

The following is the step by step procedure to make an affidavit

Step 1: Prepare the draft in word format.

Step 2: Buy non-judicial e-stamp paper from nearest co-operative bank, register office, or court. Check the stamp value at respective colleges or companies. Generally, the stamp value is between Rs.20–100/-

Step 3: Print the draft on non-judicial e-stamp paper.

Step 4: Carry the printed affidavit and supporting document to notary public.

Step 5: Notary public reads the affidavit and cross verify supporting documents.

Step 6: You should sign the affidavit in front of notary public. Notary public will seal & sign the affidavit.

This completes the process to execute GAP certificate.

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