What is the penalty on the lapse in renewal of registration in Bangalore? As per an agent at Udupi RTO, it is INR 300. Is this true for Bangalore as well ?

Shivan Shivan
Answered on September 12,2019

It might be in that range only.

I am listing down the fine for the delay in applying for Renewal of registration in Kerala. It might not vary much for Karnataka as well.

  • Delay up to 3 months: Transport Vehicles – Rs. 200/-; Non Transport Vehicles – Rs. 100/-
  • Delay of 3 to 6 months: Transport Vehicles – Rs. 300/-; Non Transport Vehicles – Rs. 200/-
  • Delay of more than 6 months: Transport Vehicles – Rs. 500/-; Non Transport Vehicles – Rs. 300/-
  • Motor Cycle: Rs. 300/- per month or part thereof; Other Non-Transport Vehicles: Rs. 500/- per month or part thereof with effect from 29.12.2016
  • Compounding fee u/s 192: Motor Cycle/3 wheeler – Rs. 2000/-; LMV (NTV) - Rs. 2000/-; LMV(TV) – Rs. 3000/-; MMV – Rs. 4000/-; HMV – Rs. 5000/-

Sudeep Sudeep
Answered on September 12,2019

Fine amount is Rs 500 per month for 4-wheeler and Rs 300 per month for 2-wheeler at Bangalore


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