What is the fine for each of the following offences while driving 2 wheeler: without insurance, without pollution certificate, without license, without rc book?

Jeevan Jeevan
Answered on September 19,2019

As per the amendment in Motor Vehicle Act in September 2019, following are the fines.

  • Driving uninsured vehicle : Rs. 2,000/- for the first offence, Rs. 4,000/- for second and subsequent offence
  • Driving without Pollution Certificate: Rs.1,000 for first offence Rs. 2,000 for second or subsequent offence 
  • Any person driving a motor vehicle in any public place, on demand by a police officer in uniform or officers of Motor Vehicles Department, failing to produce (a) the certificate of insurance; (b) the certificate of registration; (c) the driving licence; and in case of a transport vehicle (d) certificate of fitness, and (e) the permit : It will come under general provisions for punishment of offences Rs. 500/- for the first offence. Rs. 1,500/- for second and subsequent offence

Also, please note that as the traffic fines are recently announced by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, each of the State governments in India have power to reduce or increase it in future.