What is the difference between APL, BPL ration card, Priority Household PHH, NPS, NPNS in Kerala?

Vinod Vinod
Answered on July 14,2020

Actually BPL & APL Ration cards are old terms. These are not the actual terms for the current types of cards. Here the names APL, APL State Subsidy & BPL were used before the National Food Security Act, 2013 is issued. After that, we are using the terms, PHH (Priority House Hold - മുന്‍ഗണനാ വിഭാഗം - Pink color, may be called as formerly BPL), NPNS (Non-Priority Non-Subsidy - പൊതു വിഭാഗം - White Colour, formerly APL), NPS (Non-Priority  Subsidy - പൊതു വിഭാഗം സബ്സിഡി - Blue Colour, formerly APL State Subsidy). The term AAY (Anthyodaya Anna Yojana (yellow Colour) is the same as before. But people are still using the old terms like APL and BPL.