What are the restrictions for registration of Marriages ?

Raji Raji
Answered on September 09,2019

Following are the restrictions under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and Special Marriage Act, 1954:

  • Bridegroom or bride who desire to marry should not have a married wife / husband. Bridegroom or bride who cannot voluntarily give consent for marriages owing to mental illness is not eligible for marriage.
  • Marriage of those who are capable of giving consent for marriage but incapable of getting child owing to unsound mind cannot be solemnised nor be registered. Those suffering from insanity are ineligible for solemnisation of marriage. Those who are within degree of prohibited relationship are ineligible for marriage provided they can marry if it is permitted according to the custom or usage governing such persons.
  • Bridegroom and bride who are descendants up to 5 generations from mother's side or father's side cannot marry (They are called Sapindas).

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