What are the requirements of obtaining a trade license in Dubai?

If you would like to get a UAE trade license, you will need to compile a number of essential documents. These include:

  • A completed application form which describes what your business does and the goods and services you will be trading in

  • Copies of your passport and passport size photos

  • A copy of your residence visa (if applicable)

  • Emirates ID copy (if applicable)

Process to get a Trade License in UAE

If you would like to get a UAE trade license, you will need to complete the following five steps:

1. Select your business activity

The first step to getting a trading license in Dubai is to select your business activity. There are thousands of business activities that you can choose from in Dubai. At Meydan Free Zone, our consultants can advise you on the most appropriate business activity for your company.

2. Choose a trade name for your business

Your trading name needs to clearly describe what your company does, and you should be careful not to include any terms that could be considered offensive or potentially blasphemous. What is more, the brand must not include any acronyms with your own name. For example, Amir Shah Trading would be fine, but A.S. Trading would be against the rules.

3. Choose your business location

Choosing a business location is a vital step in starting your UAE trading business. Many companies choose to base themselves at the Meydan Free Zone because it offers a 0% tax rate and 100% foreign ownership. Our location in central Dubai means you are close to the airport and the seaport, as well as local retail businesses who may want to purchase goods and services from you.

We can advise you on setting up your free zone company at Meydan Free Zone, and provide the support you need to make your business a success.

4. Complete your application and pay fees

In order to receive your trading license in the UAE, you will need to complete your application form and provide a range of documents and paperwork. It is also essential to pay the associated fees as part of your UAE trade license application.

5. Receive your license and open a business bank account

Receiving your license to run a trading business in Dubai takes just a few days – so long as all your paperwork is in order and your application form and fees are all correct. At Meydan Free Zone, we can support you by ensuring all your paperwork will meet the requirements and avoid any unnecessary admin errors.

Once your license has been approved, the final step is to open a business bank account so you can make and receive payments – Meydan Pay is our simple digital banking solution for businesses working in our free zone. It gives you an IBAN and digital wallet which comes with all the features you need to start making and receiving payments.

Why Meydan Free Zone?

Meydan Free Zone is located in central Dubai, next to the golf course and a short drive from the airport and international seaport. It is the ideal location to launch your trading business in Dubai UAE and also boasts fantastic connections to the rest of the United Arab Emirates and the wider world.

Meydan Free Zone is a hub full of exciting and innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs in Dubai. You will have access to a complete range of services and equipment you would expect to launch your business quickly and easily, including 24/7 office space, internet connections, fast company set-up and exclusive community benefits.

What is more, our highly experienced and supportive consultants can help you with every aspect of launching your Dubai trade business. With our Meydan Pay service, you get access to professional financial services including a business account where you can make and receive international payments. Meanwhile, Meydan Commerce is a unique service to support you with trading online in the fast-growing Dubai eCommerce sector. And with our Easy Payment Plans, entrepreneurs can cover the costs involved in launching their business over the period of several months – which means you don’t have to make a major up-front payment when launching your new company.

Providing you with everything you need for business setup in Dubai, Meydan Free Zone is the ideal home for your new company.  

Contact us today about getting your UAE trade license and start trading in no time at all!

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