What are the documents need to verify before buying a resale flat?

Below are few important documents to verify

  1. Mother deed
  2. Sale deed
  3. Encumbrance certificate
  4. Tax paid receipt
  5. Khata certificate and extract
  6. Occupancy certificate
  7. No objection certificate from seller’s bank and Registered Discharge Deed
  8. No objection certificate from apartment society
  9. Floor plan
  10. Seller’s PAN & Aadhaar
  11. Cancelled cheque from seller


Let me explain in detail

1. Mother Deed:

“Mother deed traces history of ownership”

Ownership of property changes hands through a series of transactions like sale, gift, partition, release, inherited, court order, etc...

Each change of ownership has to be traced with help of transfer document. The sequence should be in chronological order, continuous and unbroken. Any missing link has to be carefully scrutinized by referring to the records at registering offices (by obtaining certified copy)


2. Sale Deed:

“Sale deed traces the current ownership”. One has to verify following information in registered Sale deed

  • Buyer name, address, PAN number, we encircled this information in below mock sale deed.
  • Stamp Duty payment, Buyer photo, thumb impression and signature
  • Registration number
  • Consideration value (Price)
  • Property Schedule
  • Seller, buyer and witness signature

Apart from the above verification, extract certified copy of sale deed from registrar's office, this helps us to check the authenticity of sale deed provided by seller.



3. Encumbrance certificate (EC):

Based on the sale deed provided by seller, extract EC online or sub-registrar office

An EC provides information about seller name, buyer name, type of deed, property schedule, buying price, registration date and registration number.

An EC column represents following information


An EC looks like below image




4. Tax paid receipt:

Property owner's name must be on tax paid receipt, we should cross-check the name on tax paid receipt with municipality tax record

For example, The name in below BBMP tax-paid receipt is “ARAVIND”. refer to below image in circle


The same name “ARAVIND” reflects in BBMP tax record. refer to below image in circle




5. Khata certificate and extract

Property owner's name and property description must be on Khata certificate and extract.

Khata should be sealed and signed by Area Revenue Officer (ARO). Khata looks like below image




6. Occupancy certificate (OC):

If your seller purchased a property from builder. It's important to verify the occupancy certificate.

If seller has occupancy certificate, the building complies with approved standards. If seller don’t have occupancy certificate, the building has not comply with approved standards.

An occupancy certificate is issued by Town planning Authority. An occupancy certificate must have details of apartment name, address and measurement.

An occupancy certificate looks like below image