My khata transfer was initiated through sakala on Feb 2021. Nine months are over khata is not transferred yet. I am not able to pay BBMP tax because of the delay.What to do now?

The Khata transfer should complete within 30 working days from the day of application.

Nine months is an exorbitant time, Probably your application was missed out by concerned official so it was not completed yet. Take action by calling sakala customer care 080-44554455 or visit the concern BBMP office to sort this.

It's been almost nine months so your issue will not be sorted unless you escalate the issue through sakala customer care or visit the BBMP 

Should pay the property tax on time even through delay in Khata transfer. Doesn't matter if seller name refers in property tax record but you have to pay property tax on time to avoid penalty. 

However, paying property tax on your seller name is pain so get your khata transfer as soon as possible and change your name in tax paid receipt.


We provide end-to-end assistance in Khata transfer and tax payment. To opt for our service, click the below Whatsapp button 


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