My caste is SIUC Christian Nadar in SSLC certificate.My father has no such document to prove it.I need a valid proof to prove his and thereafter mine.What are the options?

Niyas Maskan, Village Officer, Kerala
Answered on December 20,2020

For you
If your caste is mentioned as SIUC Christian Nadar in SSLC certificate then you can apply to get caste certificate for SIUC Christian Nadar, using the copy of SSLC certificate as proof.

For your father
If father doesnt have any document other than your SSLC certificate, then
Father can make an affidavit to Village Officer that he belongs to the particular caste and apply for the caste certificate. In addition to it, he need to submit the following.

1. Affidavit from 2 of your father's neighbours
2. Affidavit from the concerned religious institution