Is smart ration card available in Kerala now. E Ration card and PVC ration card are being printed by private agencies and selling to the public. Is it legal or is it really required. If not, why these cards are being issued to public, is nt it cheating?

PDF documents of E-Card & PVC cards can be downloaded either from the individual citizen login account of each card or from approved akshaya centre login account. These are not mandatory, since the old book format card is still valid. There exist only three formats of Ration cards in Kerala - old booktype,  E-Card and PVC card - and all are equally valid to purchase the Ration entitlement. As you said, a private agency can download and print  E-Card & PVC cards, only if the card owner or any of the members in the card will give his/her aadhaar number and the Ration card number to them, to create the citizen login account. Hence it's the sole responsibility of the card owner/member regarding the sharing of the aadhaar / Ration card details to any private agency.

Source: This answer is provided by Civil Supplies Helpdesk, Kerala