Is it possible to get the sale deed copy of a property that I sold years back from the registrar’s office? I do not know the sale deed number

Yes, it is possible

Based on your name, extract the encumbrance certificate (EC).

Under your name, two transaction details reflect in EC, they are the one you purchased and the other one you sold.

Extract the sale deed based on the registration number mentioned in EC.

For Example:

My name is Navaneeth. On 21–09-2012, I purchased a 2BHK flat in Bangalore

On 26–09-2022, I sold my 2BHK flat in Bangalore

One year later, I need the sale deed copy to file my income tax returns. I contacted my buyer to share the sale deed copy, but buyer already deposited the sale deed in bank for exchange of loan so we don’t have access to sale deed now. Also, I don’t remember the registration number

Based on my name Navaneeth, I searched my transaction details on Kaveri Online Service (Department of Stamps & Registration), below is the image of my search index

Referring to the above search index, from the bottom:

Row No.4: Is the MODT registration with Allahabad Bank on 21–09–2012

Row No. 3: Is the sale deed registration that I purchased on 21–09–2012

Row No. 2: is the discharge deed registered with India Bank (earlier Allahabad Bank) on 25–07–2022

Row No.1: is the sale deed that I sold on 26–09–2022

Column No.9: is the registration numbers

Referring to Row No. 1 and column No.9 is sale deed registration number that is required for my income tax filing, we encircled the sale deed number in the above image for your reference, my sale deed number is RRN-1–0XXXX-2022–23

Based on my sale deed number RRN-1–0XXXX-2022–23, we extracted the certified copy of sale deed on Kaveri Online services

Below is the image of credential page on Kaveri Online Services to extract sale deed

Click on the “Search

Below is the screenshot of the sale deed extract. Click on the download arrow to download the complete sale deed (we marked the download arrow in below image)

Below is the image of my sale deed, Encircled my name Navaneeth for your reference.

Used the above sale deed to file my income tax returns

It took me just 5 mins to exact my sale deed.

It's free to download the information copy. If you apply for a certified copy, it may cost you around Rs. 150.


We provide assistance to extract sale deed. To opt for our service, please WhatsApp to + 9 1 - 9 7 4 2 4 7 9 0 2 0.

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