Is a certified copy the same as notarized?


A certified copy is different from notarized

(My answer is based on the perspective of property deed)

A certified copy is the photocopy of your original sale deed, issued by sub-registerer. Signed by sub-registerer. A property registration number is require to obtain a certified copy.

A notarized copy is the attestation of notary seal in the document. It symbolises that this document is a reproduction of original document, its true copy, and is not forged. Notarize copy is sealed and signed by a notary public.

Only the sub-register office is authorized to issue a certified copy. Notary doesn’t issue certified copies. Notary just guarantees that this document is a reproduction of original document by the way of notarization.

Notarized document symbolizes that this document is cross-verified by notary public hence this document is a copy of original document and not forged.

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