In the passport application form I by mistakenly wrote wrong birth place information. I have scheduled the appointment. Can i change the information at PSK? Is school leaving certificate enough as a proof for the change required?

Yes school leaving certificate is enough. Just remind the psk staffs at counter A. They give you form which is allowing you to make any mustakens in application form.   No any documentary proof required to make correction in passport application at PSK..  

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Thank you for your response..

Airtel Access Airtel Access
Answered on May 24,2022

Yes, You can Request and show the Document for changes in details at PSK. (Depending on the Officer to officer) 

Aakanksha Gaur Aakanksha Gaur
Answered on August 10,2022

No need to worry…they will definitely do it. You just need to tell them. I also made many changes in application form in my appointment which was 3 August 2022 no need to worry just take maximum documents with you
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