If I buy a two-wheeler from Mumbai and take it to Karnataka, what all documents do I need and how much road tax do I need to pay in Bangalore?

Nagaraj Nagaraj
Answered on September 28,2019

It depends on how long you are planning to stay in Bangalore. If you are planning to stay in Bangalore for more than 11 months, then you need to do the following.

  • Get NOC for your Vehicle from Maharashtra.

  • Change Address in RC book to new address in Bangalore, within 1 month of coming to Bangalore

  • Pay Road Tax in Bangalore: Check Road Tax Calculator in Karnataka to calculate the road tax in Karnataka.

  • Get your vehicle re-registered in Karnataka, within 11 months of coming to Bangalore

Documents required for obtaining NOC are provided below.

  • Registration Certificate

  • Insurance Certificate

  • Pollution Under Control Certificate

  • Consent of Financier if the vehicle is leased or hypothecated

  • Pencil print of the chassis number for the CMV 28 form

  • Identity Proof

  • Address Proof

Documents required for Changing Address in RC book and paying Road Tax is also the same as the above.

Documents required for getting vehicle re-registered in Karnataka are also same as tha above. In addition to it, few of the below documents are also required.

  • Copy of Road Tax payment

  • FORM-14 which had the Tax calculation on it

  • Form KMV 27: This form is required for informing RTO about migration of your vehicle to Karnataka

  • Form CMV 33: This form is required for informing RTO about change of address of your vehicle

  • Form CMV 27: This form is required for obtaining the Karnataka Registration mark

  • Address Proof: If you are new to Bangalore, you can get a notarized affidavit stating your local address as rental agreement is not accepted by RTO

  • Insurance Copy

  • PUC copy

  • ID proof

  • Attach the self-addressed envelope with required postal stamps

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