I updated DOB in my Aadhaar. I checked the status later and saw "Your request has been rejected due to data/process error. If you do not already have an aadhaar number from any prior enrollment, please reenrol at an authorized enrollment center." After some time, I checked and see this message "No_Description". Later, I see the message "Your Aadhaar update request has been rejected due to mismatch of details in aadhaar form with DOB proof document. Please update again with correct details". And now when I check my update status I again see "No_Description. Why this is happening?

Ramesh Ramesh
Answered on February 11,2020

Aadhaar generation involves various quality checks therefore there are chances that your Aadhaar gets rejected due to quality or any other technical reason. So if you have received SMS that your Aadhaar has been rejected, it is recommended to re-enrol yourself.

Gaurav Gaurav
Answered on February 11,2020

All the Aadhar card data taken at the time of enrollment is later sent to UIDAI for approval via internet. Hence, sometimes, due to poor internet connection or network error it is possible that the data failed to upload. This results in the data processing error.

No need to panic if such thing happens. All you need to do is carry your enrollment receipt to the nearest Aadhar centre and ask them to re- enroll.