I noticed a blacklist status remark (of my car) in parivahan app - stating that "Blacklisted by Eranakulam RTO, kerala due to SPEED VIOLATION DETECTED ON CAMERA REMIT FINE dated 21-Jan-2022". But I didn't travel to Eranakulam since 2021. Under such circumstances how can I get backlisted dated 21th Jan 2022? How can I get rid of this remark?Where should I raise an objection?Is it a technical glitch? Is that someone using false/fake registration?

Nikesh Jayaraj Nikesh Jayaraj
Answered on April 30,2022

The Speed Violation might have been done on an earlier date. The RTO just blacklisted your vehicle on 21st January 2021 since you didn't pay your dues. Please check Kerala MVD site to know your offence details.

Parameswaran TK Parameswaran TK
Answered on August 16,2022

My son in law, from Bangalore ,faced the same problem. He contacted RTO Calicut office. The person there gave him a user id and password for paying the fine Online. After payment was made, the blacklist endorsement disappeared.

Call Ernakulam RTO office .They will give you a user id and password for paying the fine online. Go to parvahan site and pay the fine