I have updated my Aadhar card today. But later, I saw that my date of birth is wrong due to that my scholarship process has been stoped.Can i update my Aadhar card again tomorrow?

Manoj Manoj
Answered on January 13,2020

Date of birth can be updated only once in the Aadhaar card. In addition to that, the change in date of birth will be allowed to the maximum range of plus or minus three years of the date of birth recorded during Aadhaar enrolment.

In case name, date of birth and gender are to be updated more than the prescribed limit, then the process is as follows:
1. The individual will be required to visit Aadhaar enrolment/ update centre to update his name, date of birth or gender.
2. As the update is beyond the prescribed number of times, the individual will be required to send a request to accept the update made at the enrolment centre, via email or post, to the regional office of the UIDAI. The individual is required to explain why such request should be accepted along with a copy of URN slip, Aadhaar detail and relevant proof detail. The email should be sent at help@uidai.gov.in. Remember, individual is not required to visit regional office physically unless specifically asked to visit.
3. The regional office shall do the due diligence and ascertain whether the update request is genuine or not. The regional office may seek additional information from the resident or carry out a field investigation as may be required.
4. If the regional office ascertains that the update request is genuine, then the request will be sent to the tech centre for processing/reprocessing the request.

As there are lot of processes involved, you cannot get it updated tomorrow.