I have smartcard driving licence of MCWG class of vehicle in Gujarat state from Jan 2019 and booklet type of driving licence from Maharashtra state of LMV class of vehicle, which will expire in 15 Dec 2019 and this LMV class license can be verified from sarathi website. Is it possible to renew the Maharashtra LMV license to Gujarat state RTO, where I had MCWG license. Also, how to combine two class of vehicle from two different state to Gujarat?

Umang Umang
Answered on December 04,2019

Process to renew Maharashtra Driving License to Gujarat

Once your license approaches expiry, you need to visit the RTO which originally issued your driving license in MH and get a No Objection Certificate from them. You can then apply for a renewal of DL in Gujarat where you currently reside. Another way of driving license renewal is to approach an authorized driving school. They will charge a nominal fee for the process. Simply submit the documents and visit the RTO as required.

Documents Required for Driving License Renewal in Gujarat

Submit the following documents at the RTO nearest to you in Gujarat to get the driving license renewed

  • NOC

  • Form No-7 [called as computer form]

  • Medical certificate duly signed by an authorized doctor

  • Form No – 9 [Driving License Renewal application form] - English, Gujarati

  • Change of address form

  • Post cover [As your DL will be dispatched through postal services]

  • Passport size photographs – 2

  • Current address proof

  • Old Driving License

Add new class of Vehicle to Driving License

You need to submit Form 8 at the RTO in Gujarat to add new class to driving license.

Form 8 in English

Form 8 in Gujarati