I have recently re-registered my son's vehicle in my name in Chennai on interstate transfer from Bengaluru. While the change in name and issue of new registration number are reflected in Vahan database, I find the original date of registration in Bengaluru, viz 27th June 2005 is retained instead the new date of re-registration, 17th March 2020 in the vahan database.I am yet to receive the new smart card from Chennai RTO due to closure of offices. I would like to know whether the original alone will be retained in case of interstate re-registration instead of the date of re-registration?

Manoj Manoj
Answered on April 21,2020

To the best of my knowledge, original registration date of vehicle would be displayed and not when it is re-registered. This is because every private vehicle has a fitness certificate issued for 15 years. As your vehicle fitness certificate is due to expire on May 2020, you have to apply for the renewal of registration again. So, date of registration is considered from June 2005 rather than the re-registration date.