I have got hypothecation canceled from an agent. He has given me a Govt of Karnataka Transport Dept B register Extract Rules 48. How I will know that this hypotication has got canceled in the smart card?

Jai Jai
Answered on August 23,2019

The only way you can ensure that hypothecation is removed is by getting the B Extract. As you have got the B Extract with hypothecation details removed from it, that means hypothecation is canceled.

You will get the new smart card by Speedpost in 30 working days.

You can also get a new B-extract of your vehicle at any of the Bangalore One Centres by paying a fee of Rs.18/ or at RTO office by paying a fee of Rs.10. They will ask for your name, mobile number and vehicle number and give you an extract which lists many details including HPT (Hypothecation) details.


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