I have applied for re issue for passport and I received Passport as well. But I am getting msges regarding police verification. And I received show cause notice too. What I can do for this ? Will I able to travel with this passport?

Abhishek Abhishek
Answered on February 03,2021

Depending on your location, please send a mail to any of the below email ids, with the following details.

  • Mention your issue
  • Provide your passport application file number (15 digits)

Email IDs based on Location

Location E-mail ID
Amritsar rpo.amritsar@mea.gov.in
Bangalore rpo.bangalore@mea.gov.in
Bareilly rpo.bareilly@mea.gov.in
Bhopal rpo.bhopal@mea.gov.in
Bhubaneshwar rpo.bbwr@mea.gov.in
Chandigarh rpo.chandigarh@mea.gov.in
Chennai rpo.chennai@mea.gov.in
Dehradun rpo.dehradun@mea.gov.in
New Delhi rpo.delhi@mea.gov.in
Ghaziabad rpo.ghaziabad@mea.gov.in
Guwahati rpo.guwahati@mea.gov.in
Hyderabad rpo.hyderabad@mea.gov.in
Jaipur rpo.jaipur@mea.gov.in
Jalandhar rpo.jalandhar@mea.gov.in
Jammu rpo.jammu@mea.gov.in
Kochi rpo.cochin@mea.gov.in
Kolkata rpo.kolkata@mea.gov.in
Kozhikode rpo.kozhikode@mea.gov.in
Lucknow rpo.lucknow@mea.gov.in
Malappuram rpo.malappuram@mea.gov.in
Mumbai rpo.mumbai@mea.gov.in
Nagpur rpo.nagpur@mea.gov.in
Panaji rpo.goa@mea.gov.in
Patna rpo.patna@mea.gov.in
Pune rpo.pune@mea.gov.in
Raipur rpo.raipur@mea.gov.in
Ranchi rpo.ranchi@mea.gov.in
Shimla rpo.shimla@mea.gov.in
Srinagar rpo.srinagar@mea.gov.in
Surat rpo.surat@mea.gov.in
Thane rpo.thane@mea.gov.in
Tiruchirappalli rpo.trichy@mea.gov.in
Trivandrum rpo.trivandrum@mea.gov.in
Visakhapatnam rpo.vizag@mea.gov.in