I have applied for khata transfer last week. Stutus says "documents verified by ARO" . I am not recieving any sms for status update or for application online submission from Sakala even if mobile no is correct. What will be the status text for different stages to understand when I will have pay fee at Bangalore one?

This is one of the common issue that most applicants face 

Even though we provide correct mobile number in khata application, we don't receive SMS of status updates. This could be technical issue from Sakala website or network provider. 

However, I request you log into your Sakala account and check your application status online, instead of depending only on SMS. 

In a separate answer, we wrote a details procedure to check your application status online, linking the answer for your reference. 

How can I check status of Katha transfer?

Below are the different stages & lead time of khata status

  1. Documents submit -  Immediate 
  2. Documents verified  - 10 days
  3. Documents Approved -10 days
  4. Charges Paid - 1 day
  5. Khata certificate & Extract uploaded - 7 days

Pay the fee in Bangalore one centre after your application is approved (as per the above, its stage 3).

After the payment, khata certificate and extract will be uploaded in your sakala account. You can collect the hard copy of khata from your BBMP ward office. 

Note: If your application status has not moved forward even after the 30 working days of filing application, you should call the sakala customer care 080-44554455 to escalate your issue. 

Sakala customer care is active and supportive to address applicants' grievances.


We provide personal assistance to obtain khata, to opt for our service, please click the below Whatsapp icon and chat with us, 

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If your documents has been verified you can visit nearest BBMP office and pay 2% stamp duty charges. Within the stipulated time period your application shall be disposed by ARO office and if approved you will be able to download it from your registered Sakala-BBMP online account

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