I applied for an EWS certificate offline on 17th January 2020  in West Bengal from the local municipality. The office staff could not give me any info.Where can I go to take my certificate? Is it possible to check online my certificate status? What is the website?

Gautham Gautham
Answered on February 18,2020

Any person aggrieved with any matter relating to discrimination in employment or admission against any EWS may file a complaint with the Grievance Redressal Officer of the respective Government establishment.

The name, designation and contact details of the Grievance Redressal Officer will be displayed on the website and in the office of the concerned establishment.

Raghu Raghu
Answered on February 18,2020

They have to submit the EWS certificate to you after due verification in 21 days. As they have not provided the certificate, you can file an RTI  (Right to Information) to get the required details. There is no online method neither to apply nor to track the status of EWS certificate in West Bengal now.