I am a UP migrant living in Delhi since last 20 years, I have SC caste certificate (NOT DIGITAL in old central format) issued from Delhi in 2012. Do I need to apply for new Digital proper Delhi SC caste certificate from edistrict Delhi? My caste is JATAV which is listed as SC in UP as well as in Delhi too.

Abhishek Abhishek
Answered on March 04,2020

As you have the old caste certificate with you, it is fine for the time being.

If you need a new caste certificate you can apply for it through Doorstep Delivery program or through Edistrict website.

Details of both are provided below.

Doorstep Application Process

One representative (Mobile Sahayak) shall visit the residence of citizen who has requested to the call centre for availing the public service. The Mobile Sahayak shall facilitate citizen in applying for public service and also collect the physical documents, if required for availing the said service/services, deposit the physical documents to respective Departments and deliver the service/certificate of citizen at his door step. Government shall allow representative to collect facilitation fee / service charges of Rs.50/- directly from the citizen for each service.


Follow the below steps to apply online for Door to Door application.

  • Visit Doorstep application website

  • Enter your mobile number followed by OTP.

  • Enter Service Details.

door step application income certificate delhi online

  • Enter the Department name followed by Service Group and Service Name.

  • Enter the document number of each of the supporting document.

  • Enter your details.

door step application income certificate delhi online citizen details

  • Select the Appointment Date.

door step application income certificate delhi online appointment date

  • Review and confirm the appointment


You can also call 1076 to book Door to Door application

Apply Online through Edistrict website

Follow the below steps to apply online for SC Caste Certificate through E-district website.

  • Visit E-district website.

  • Click on Apply For Certificates Online.

  • Register if you are not a registered user.

  • Enter User ID and password to login to website

  • Select the service

  • Enter the purpose to obtain the service

  • Fill the required details

  • Upload the documents.

  • Click on submit to submit the application

Manu Manu
Answered on March 04,2020

This short video shows the process involved to apply for SC caste certificate online.