How to respond to a show cause notice at an RPO for Passport ?

Adityan Rajesh Adityan Rajesh
Answered on January 28,2022

An applicant has to reply the show cause notice in written or typed format and send it to the respective authority by post OR personally meet officer concerned.

Varun Varun
Answered on August 21,2019

You have to visit RPO Office. You can write a letter in simple format with proper reason and required documents. You don't need to worry until and unless there is no criminal records against you.

Arun Arun
Answered on August 21,2019

You can visit the regional passport office and take the notice along with you

There the regional passport officer can give you clarification on what exactly is needed to further process your application, please carry all relevant documents that you first attached in your passport application

Also there may be a small fine imposed on you for providing false information

Sneha Sneha
Answered on August 21,2019

If Show Cause Notice (SCN) is issued due to you not being present at time of police verification, then it is better you visit the office and inform them the reason for your unavailability.If they find your reason satisfactory, then they will process your application further ahead again for the Police verification.

Rithika Rithika
Answered on August 21,2019

First of all, you should reply to the said notice by explaining the situation. Secondly, you should demand the copy/ list of the concerned issues. Remember to visit concerned RPO if an adverse report is already filed and get it closed permanently. Upon your request and a max penalty of Rs. 5000/- you can get it closed and apply for passport re-issue.

Always try to explain everything in detail, this will help you in reducing penalty.
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