How to find the Sale Deed Number on the sale deed?

A sale deed is a legal document that is used during a property transaction as evidence of sale and transfer of ownership of a property from a seller to the buyer. Each sale deed has its unique number that is generated during property registration; it’s called the registration number or document number or sale deed number. 

The sale Deed number is written at the top of the sale deed.

Also printed in encumbrance certificate in the following format

Sub-registrar office name-Book number - Document Number - Year of registration

Let me give a real example,

I registered the sale deed in the Jayanagar sub-registrar office in Bangalore. The registration details look like JAY-1-0568X-2020–21

The above registration details abbreviate as below

  • JAY - Jayanagar sub-registrar office in Bangalore. (Every sub-registrar office have its short name and it is part of registration details)
  • - Stored in Book 1
  • 0568X –  Sale Deed number
  • 2020–21 - Year of registration

We encircled the sale deed number in below sale deed for your reference

finding sale deed number example

We encircled the sale deed number in below encumbrance certificate 

sale deed number in encumbrance certificate

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