How to do name change procedure in Karnataka?

Below is the step by step procedure to change name in Karnataka

Step 1 : Prepare an affidavit draft, a draft looks like below image.

Name Change Procedure Karnataka Bangalore

Step 2: Buy Rs. 20 non-judicial e-stamp paper from sub-registrar office, court, co-operative bank or independent stamp vendor near you

Step 3: Print the draft on non-judicial e-stamp paper

Step 4: Carry the following documents to notary public near you

  • Printer Affidavit

  • ID proof (aadhar or passport copy)

Notary publicly verify the ID proof

Deponent signs affidavit in front of notary

Notary seal and signs affidavit

An affidavit looks like below image.

karnataka gazette name change procedure Karnataka

name change process in karnataka

Step 5: Publish in two newspapers (one in English newspaper and another local language newspaper).

name change process in bangalore

Use the Affidavit and newspaper clips for changing names in other documents like aadhar, passport, PAN, Driving license, Birth certificate etc..

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