How to check details of my land in Karnataka ?

Vasan Vasan
Answered on July 08,2019

If you have agriculture land in Karnataka, then you can view the details about it from  Bhoomi Online website.

The RTC – Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crop popularly known as Pahani is a document which shows the name and extent of ownership of agricultural lands.There are 3 components to RTC: Land,Owner, Cultivation & Crop details.

Follow the below steps to view your land records.

Bhoomi RTC

  • Select District, Taluk, Hobli, Village

Bhoomi Online Land Records

  • Type the Survey Number

  • Select the Surnoc

  • Select Hissa number. Hissa is the sub number of Survey number. If division happens in multiple owner RTC then new hissa number needs to be provided. For example, survey No 20 becomes 20/1, 20/2 & 20/3 where 1,2,3 are known as hissa number

  • Select Period. By using period, citizen can view present or Old RTC. Period is created, whenever mutation (Change of owner details) happened

  • Select the Year for which you want to see the RTC

  • Click on Fetch Details button

  • Click on View button to view entire RTC

Bhoomi RTC


  • You can now save RTC in image format. 

Mohan Mohan
Answered on November 11,2019

Check this video to find out details of your land in Karnataka.
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Bhoomi RTC - Land Records in Karnataka

Bhoomi (meaning “land”) is an online portal for the management of land records in the state of Karnataka. Bhoomi portal provides the following information. Land owners..
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