How to book BMTC Student bus pass appointment?

Aravind.R Aravind.R
Answered on March 03,2020

Use the below link to book the appointment for BMTC bus pass.

Schedule / Reschedule Appointment for Pass

Sreejith Sreejith
Answered on October 30,2019

Once you have received SMS from institution or BMTC for obtaining student pass, schedule an appointment by following the below steps.

  • Visit BMTC Bus website.

  • Click on "Student Pass" tab.

  • For online scheduling and rescheduling of appointment, click on "Schedule / Reschedule Appointment" in the "Student Pass" page.

  • Enter the required details to book the appointment.

  • Appear in person and get yourself photographed in the selected pass counter.

  • Collect your card from the issuance counter.