How to apply online for EWS Certificate in Assam?

Abhishek Abhishek
Answered on February 12,2020

Currently, there is no online process for the application of EWS certificate. You have to apply in person at the Revenue circle where you or your family normally resides.

Concerned officer will do an inquiry of your income and asset before providing the EWS certificate.

On receipt of the application, the receiving authority shall ask the applicant to appear, on a suitable date within 2 weeks from the date of receipt of the application, for a hearing and submission of proofs for verification of family income and sub-caste in the manner it is done for issuance of caste certificate.

On completion of the enquiry, the application along with inquiry reports will be referred to the concerned certificate issuing authority who in turn shall examine the reports and supporting documents and if everything is found satisfactory about the eligibility of the applicant, shall issue the Income and Asset Certificate in the prescribed format.