How to apply for Voter Verification Program ?

Raju Raju
Answered on October 01,2019

Follow the below step to verify your voter ID card details and also to add/verify the details of family members.

  • Register in NVSP portal using Mobile Number

  • Log into NVSP portal

  • Click on Electors Verification Program (EVP)

  • Verify details of self by cross-checking the particular and uploading a copy of any of the documents.

Voter ID card verification programme

  • Once the details are submitted, you can give suggestions & feedback on the polling station. Multiple questions about the polling station can be answered like the approach to the polling station, distance, condition of the building, ramp facility. You can also submit details of other government buildings in the area that may be considered for setting up the polling station.

  • You can list family and also authenticate their details as well.

Voter ID card verification programme family list

  • You can also submit forms for unenrolled Electors (above 18 years age as on 01/01/2019) and also submit details of family members (prospective voters) in the age group 16 years and 17 years.

Voter ID card verification programme unenrolled electors

Naveen Naveen
Answered on October 17,2019

Short video on Voter Verification program is provided below.


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